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I recently purchased an electric mobility scooter and I am extremely happy with my purchase. The scooter is easy to use, lightweight and compact, making it perfect for my daily commute. The battery life is fantastic and lasts me the entire day, even with multiple trips. The controls are straightforward and the speed is perfect for navigating through crowded streets. I also appreciate the built-in storage compartment which is big enough to carry all my essentials. Overall, I would highly recommend this scooter to anyone looking for a convenient and reliable mode of transportation.

Steve T


It has been a game changer for me. I have a bad knee and find it difficult to ride a traditional bicycle, but this trike has given me the ability to enjoy outdoor activities again. The electric assist makes pedaling a breeze and I can easily switch between pedal power and electric power as needed. The trike is well built and feels sturdy while riding, giving me peace of mind when I’m on the road. The battery life is impressive and I can easily go on a full-day ride without worrying about running out of power. The storage basket in the back is also a great addition, making it easy to carry groceries or any other items I need. Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this electric trike to anyone looking for a fun and convenient way to enjoy the outdoors.



Robert W


If I could give 10 stars, I would. Amazing customer and service support.
They really take care of their customers. The products are also fantastic.
They always answer questions when you are asking them.

 Brilliant people and very good products.

Verified Buyer

Robert H.



Great service! Packed well. Arrived safely and when expected. Very nice looking and free cover and wrist gard were appreciated. This is my first EUC and when I learn to ride it I believe the speed and range will be perfect for me as I am older (70) and feel uncomfortable on my one wheel going faster than about 13 or 14 and need to take a break about every 5 miles or so.


Verified Buyer

Mark P.



I purchased the scooter. I can definitely say that I am hooked. It took me about 2 hours to feel comfortable going forward and making tight turns. I have put 60 miles on since January 4th when I received my wheel and really enjoy riding it. I have no other wheels to compare my experience but I can say I am impressed with the power and the range so far. I can easily see myself riding an 18 inch wheel with a long range battery. I live in Pennsylvania and I have never seen one of these around but glad I discovered these cool inventions. The customer service here is top notch. Mary answered all my questions very fast and everything went smooth. e Overall I would rate my experience a 5 out of 5. Look forward to making another purchase in the future!


Verified Buyer

Susan R.


Mobility has done a great job getting me my trike. When I received it I was having a problem with the app. I emailed Tom and got a reply with what to do to fix it almost immediately! I Love riding this wheel! Thanks mobility.

Verified Buyer

Robert H.


First off let me say I’m 63 years old and have been looking at these trikes for over a year.  I was looking at a cheaper wheel to learn on and he recommended the fat tire trike, I hesitated because it was a couple hundred dollars more, but decided to take his advice and I’m glad I did! This thing is top quality and the travel handle is perfect. The nice thing about it is I won’t grow out of it in a few weeks. I’m already riding all over my neighborhood and if I want to get more speed, I can unlock the speed limiter! Trust me, if your like me and just starting out the trike is the one! Thank you mobility

Verified Buyer

Ruchard W.


I emailed before purchasing the scooter. They were very helpful in helping me make my decision on purchasing it. Great company, great support. Highly recommended!

Verified Buyer

Kenneth F.


This is an amazing company the customer support is spot on perfect thank you drew for all your help. I love my scooter they sold me everywhere I take it people are asking me all about it and taking pictures of it..Thanks again

Verified Buyer

John L.






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