These are additional help about your Electric Tricycle.

1/ Carefully unpack your cozy tricycle. We usually ship it on a wooden pallet.

Make sure to line-up the cone-shaped nut properly with the handlebar so it can slide into the front fork.

Tighten the nut on the top of the handlebar.

Turn the fork 180 degrees so it will face forward and remove the plastic shipping aid

Slide the cable from the trike through the holder. This is on the left side where the cable from the motor will be attached to.

Insert the wheel between the forks. Make sure that the flat surfaces on the wheel’s axle are resting on the flat surfaces of the forks. Otherwise your wheel will not be positioned and you may damage the cable coming from the axle. If so, it will void the warranty! The safety washer is outside of the fork as shown on the picture.

If the washers do not fit through the small hole, please turn them so they can be positioned between the forks.


Make sure to insert the plugs firmly by lining-up the two arrows so they face each other.

You will not have power to the front wheel and the trike does not work if these two plugs are not pushed together REALLY HARD!

Set-up the fender.

Assemble the pedals of cozy tricycle. Make absolute sure that you DO NOT use any tools when inserting them into the pedal arms as you may damage the threads! If the pedal’s thread does not turn freely it means that you have to put it on the other side. The right pedal goes to the right side and the left one is to the left side! Once they are in place, you can use a wrench to tighten them.

Insert the seat pole, adjust it to your height and tighten it.

Secure the basket. Your trike may have the nuts instead.

Handlebar position adjustment.

It’s useful if you are tall and your legs are hitting the handlebar. After loosening that nut you can turn the handlebar up so your ride will be comfortable.

Rear brake adjustment.

Brake adjustment on the handlebar. You can fine-adjust both the rear and the front brake by turning that adjustment nut.

The front console has indicator lights. The power light can show LOW even if the battery is fully charged!

The Reverse switch. Make sure to turn this switch after you have come to a complete stop.