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Purchaser must read

understand and agree to the following store policy.

You, the Purchaser must read, understand and agree to the following store policy. By placing an order, you are automatically understand and agree to the following:

  • Every communication between You and the Company must be made in writing.

Return Policy

  • We accept returns on defective products, parts, or accessories for seven days after purchase. The Actual Shipping and handling fees are not refundable. If the product was advertised with free shipping than the actual shipping cost, which is not free, will be calculated.
  • Defective products, parts, or accessories parts must be returned within 7 days.
  • Any defect,  or in the event the item is not as described, the purchaser has the legal obligation to report such within seven days of delivery in writing, either via email or regular usps registered mail.
  • Any return of non-defective items, parts, or accessories must be approved by the seller and will be subject to a 25% inspection and repackaging fee. Damages that occur during shipping are the responsibility of the individual returning the bike or parts and will be deducted from any refund due.
  • Returns are never accepted on products that have been used. All returns must be in new, unopened condition. No returns on special orders, customer made or financed products.

Warranty Policy

  • Products come with the warranty as noted on the product’s page-  that begins on the date of delivery according to the tracking data provided by the shipping company. Warranty applies to original purchaser and is not transferable.
  • Damage and Shortage Claim: Damage resulting from shipping is the responsibility of the shipping company and the purchaser is responsible for notifying Company at the day of delivery and filing an insurance claim with the shipping company.
  • Any item that was received by consignee (customer) without noting any damage/shortage on the delivery manifest is considered to be received without any damage/shortage.
  • Any item that was not returned for service within seven days from the date on which it was delivered considered to be free of defect upon arrival.

Non-merchantibility (usability), or Not as Described


  • Company must be notified via email within three days of delivery and customer must ask for a Return Authorization. Without such Authorization the return will be refused. No such claim will be accepted after three days. The Return Authorization form must be signed within this three-day period, and the item must be returned within seven days.

Not-received Claim:

  • Company ships item via traceable shipping methods and tracking numbers will be provided to customers upon request to locate items.
  • Warranties are limited to replacement of parts and/or products determined by
the Company, at its sole discretion, to be defective..
  • The Limited Warranty does not cover or apply to the following: Normal wear and tear; any damage, failure and/or loss caused by accident, shipping, misuse, neglect, abuse and/or failure to follow instructions or warnings as stated on the product or in the applicable owners manual or other printed materials provided
with the product; damage, failure and/or loss caused by the use of the product in any other manner for which such products were not specifically designed.

  • This warranty does not apply to any products or components, mechanical and/or electrical, which have in any way been altered by any person.  Company will not be liable and/or responsible for any damage, failure or loss caused by any unauthorized service or use of unauthorized parts. For electric powered products, the seller or manufacturer confirms that the advertised speed and range of such items are not guaranteed as they depend on the rider’s weight, the terrain, the wind speed and it’s direction, the tire inflation etc…

  • Limited Warranty does not cover or apply to any product used for rental.
  • The warranty is limited to parts replacement during the warranty period. Warranty is not transferable. Parts or products must be returned to the Company. Labor costs are the responsibility of the customer. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the owner (customer).
  • In case the customer requests that the product be returned by company and no damage/shortage was noted on delivery manifest, and/or no claim was filed by customer, than customer agrees to pay for shipping and authorizes company to debit his/her account for such transaction. No warranty on batteries, tires, chargers, brake pads or any such parts that are subject to tear and wear.
  • These items are shipped and packed according to the freight companies’ policies. Therefore it is the purchaser’s responsibility to check the item prior to riding it, make adjustments if necessary.

  • For product cancellation, refusal and other non-specified circumstances, see the appropriate section of the warranty and return policy on the main page.
  • The manufacturers/sellers of these products reserve their rights to modify, add or remove parts, add or remove features of the items according to their latest research and development without prior notice to the seller and customers.

Warranty Policy for Accessories

  • Name brand accessories carry the manufacturer warranty. Contact the manufacturer of the name brand parts for warranty coverage.


  • Name brand accessories carry the manufacturer warranty. Contact the manufacturer of the name brand parts for warranty coverage.

Refused/Returned items

  • Any order that has been shipped and refused/returned by consignee will have the 25% restock fee and the actual UPS (or other shipping co.) published two-way shipping charges with the max. of 30% discount – even if the item was offered with the free promotional shipping. We do not guarantee on what day your item will arrive since it will go through many parties until it reaches you. However, we can email your tracking number so you can calculate the date of arrival. Customer automatically agrees to have his/her account debited for any cancellations/returns/refused fees.

Refund Check Policy

  • Any type of refunds, including but not limited to cancellations, refused items, etc.. will be made by company check in 14 days from the date the item is received back in our warehouse. If the product did not leave our warehouse, it will also be 14 days to issue the refunds.

Convenience Fees, Accessorial Taxes

  • We have to purchase extra packaging materials, staples, tapes, pallets etc. in order to have these items shipped to you. To cover such expenses, we may charge you a small percentage ( 4-8%) convenience fee that may be called convenience fee or accessorial “tax” that is payable to our company.

Product Upgrade

  • Company reserves the right to modify products without prior notification to purchaser, and ship such items with no addition costs.

Electronic Check Processing

  • Customer authorizes company for (1) Check payments received via text, email, online form etc… to be converted into electronic checks. Those checks may have a different check number and/or dollar amount than the ones received, but the dollar amount is either the same or less than the Total price shown in your email confirmation, and never exceeds the Total price. Some received checks from customers can have the $1.00 amount for the sole purpose of providing us with the correct routing and account numbers. (2) Converted checks may have the customer’s “Authorized Signature Facsimile” signature, created by the company’s officer/manager/representative on behalf of the customer, showing such person as the Signer on the optional Signature Certificate.

Layaway information:

  • There are no extra free items offered with layaway orders. Please check the layaway order page for policy governing this type of orders.


  • All of your information is kept confidential. We do not provide any of your purchase, registration, or email information to third parties.

See the Policy for Shipping Corrections, Large items and After Delivery Issues, click here

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