List of Techhelp links:

Cozy tricycle additional help
Cozy tricycle manual
FT-1900 fat tire trike
FT-1900X fat tire trike
FT-1900X fat tire trike LCD display

EMS-48 scooter
GTX-L scooter
GTX-L Cadillac scooter
Mobile-Trend scooter
ERT-36 recumbent trike additional help
ERT-36 recumbent trike LCD display
ERT-36 recumbent trike manual
Scoot-Buddy electric wheelchair
Handcycle, wheelchair attachment
Dutch style cargo trike manual
Dutch style cargo trike display
Power-Buggy scooter additional help
Power-Buggy scooter manual
Power-Buggy scooter roof attach
Power-Buggy, how to operate
Power-Buggy, slow speed mode
Ice Cream Trike manual
Ice cream trike display
Ice Cream Trike additional help
Ice cream trike’s water pump operation
LuxuryTon electric scooter additional help
Luxuryton electric scooter manual
Fat tire tandem bike

Fat tire tandem bike LCD display
Fat tire recumbent trike additional help
Fat tire recumbent trike manual
Lightnfold wheelchair
HD wheelchair
Quad electric cycle assembly info
Quad electric cycle manual
Quad- how to use it
Tandem recumbent trike
Cargo trikes (box and flat trikes) assembly
Cargo (box) trikes manual
Troubleshooting SW900 LCD error codes
Error Code 22


If you are still in trouble, please follow the Policy and
  • see a local bike/scooter shop,
  • call a handyman
  • check with
  • check with
Of course, you may also email us for a Service Form so we can repair it according to the warranty, if it’s a warranty issue.